1. General
(a). These General Terms and Conditions (hereinafter “Terms”) apply to the use of online platform www.pillowscanner.com (hereinafter “platform”).
(b). Definitions of some important terms described below
I. Users – any legal persons registered to our platform.
II. Host – the user who provides accommodations to other users.
III. Travel services – any services offered by hosts.
IV. Guest – the user who reserves accommodations from hosts.
(c). We reserve the right to change or amend these Terms at any time as well as to add or remove services from our platform without any liability to you or any other third parties.
2. Service and liability
(a). We facilitate the guests to find and choose accommodations by the means of using our platform on behalf of hosts. We do not run or own any accommodation from ourselves. Therefore we are not responsible by any means to fulfill the completeness, accuracy or quality of any travel services that you booked through our platform, only the host is responsible to provide that services.
(b). We are liable to you only for home exchange yearly packages that you booked, as well as any amount you paid during a rental reservation from our platform.
(c). Any damage to properties or any travel service materials caused by a user is fully liable to that user only. We are not liable for any damage caused by a user anyway.
3. User registration
(a). User registration is required to book any travel services or any services offered by us.
(b). During registration process you are required to enter your name, email address and the password which is encrypted. All your personal information are saved in our secured server.
(c). By using our platform you confirm and agree that you are of sufficient age to bind any service lawfully and that you are financially responsible and liable to the respective bodies.
4. Use of the platform as a Host
(a). Any registered user can offer travel services. Offering travel services on our platform you ensure us that you are aware of your local laws and regulations and you practice them accordingly. We are not liable or legally bound any of those regulations that inherited from or imposed on you.
(b). When you create a listing it’s your responsibility to provide accurate information such as property description, photos, availability calendar, property address etc.
(c). You can change or modify cancellation policy settings from the policy page of your listing at any time as per your requirements.
(d). You can mention any terms and conditions or house rules in your listing, which should not be confused with these Terms.
(e). It’s your responsibility to mention prices (including taxes if applicable), which will be shown to the guests. If your property has sub-accommodations, as an example, a hotel may have many rooms, in such cases our service fee is added with the room prices and shown to the user, service fees are not shown separately for this kind of properties.
(f). If a guest did not pay the full amount of a booking, you must collect the “Due amount” from your own on arrival, which is mentioned in the booking PDF details.
(g). We have the options to enter some optional expenses like cleaning fee, security deposit etc in price section of your listing, however, if it is not mentioned during a booking, you must not collect it even if you set it later in your listing, because the guests are not aware of such kind of unexpected expenses and they are not willing to pay it. If you do so, we reserve the right to cancel the booking and you will be charged our service fee.
5. Use of the platform as a Guest
(a). Guests can book any travel services or send enquiries for an exchange.
(b). When you book any travel services from our platform you immediately undergo and confirm a contractual agreement with your host. The hosts may have their own terms and conditions regarding the services you booked which you must accept and obey.
(c). If you need to pay any amount on arrival you must check the “Due Amount” carefully and pay to your host which was displayed during the booking, as well as it is mentioned in the booking PDF details.
(d). Failure to take any travel service that you booked undergoes a standard cancellation policy in where your entered credit card or any card stored in your account will be used to charge.
6. Service fees
Different service fees for the use of our platform are described below.
(a). Host fee - Pillowscanner has no service fee for hosts meaning that a host can list unlimited number of properties without any costs. This host service will be free forever.
(b). Guest fee – when guests make a rental booking through our platform we charge a flat rate service fee, which is currently 7% in all cases. Sending inquiries to hosts for an exchange are free of charge.
(c). Home exchange yearly fees – Home exchange yearly packages are not free in general (unless otherwise mentioned). These fees vary time to time, which can be found on home exchange pricing page.
7. Credit card and it’s security
(a). You must use a credit or debit card to guarantee a booking. Using credit card in our platform is safe and secure, it is processed by a “PCI DSS compliant” payment provider. Currently we are not offering any other alternative payment methods except credit cards.
(b). By entering your card you authorize us or host to charge the total price of a booking or any partial amount incur from a cancellation.
(c). You agree that you are the owner or an authorized person of the card.
8. Currency conversion
(a). We offer a number of currencies to facilitate the payment to be made in the user preferred currency.
(b). When you request a currency conversion our automatic currency conversion system converts the prices and displays to you. Normally the currency conversion system updates itself on daily basis.
(c). During your booking the currency you selected is saved and used for any subsequent processing.
9. Payment processing and fees
(a). Any payment that you make in our platform is processed by a third party payment provider.
(b). All kinds of payments have a small amount of payment processing fee. We are bound to pay this amount to the payment provider when you make a booking. This payment processing fee is non-refundable in all circumstances (unless otherwise mentioned).
10. User generated content
(a). Users can upload any materials (texts, photos, graphics, music etc) for their travel services. Uploading such materials you ensure us that these do not violate any third party laws such as copyright law, trademark, intellectual or proprietary right etc.
(b). You are fully liable to your own uploaded materials, as well as you are responsible to carry all costs due to third party claims.
11. Home exchange
(a). You can run the home exchange functionality either using standalone exchange function or using `Dual mode` where you can rent and exchange with the same property.
(b). When you run it with `Dual mode`, you must compromise or negotiate any prices such as cleaning fee, security deposit with your exchange partner before undergoing an exchange.
11. Closing provisions
(a). If any provisions of these Terms wholly or partially become invalid or unenforceable then the remaining provisions of these Terms remain unaffected.
(b). These Terms are subject to the German law with the exception of UN sales law.
(c). Since February 15, 2016 the EU resident has the option for an online dispute resolution without initially involving a court. The “dispute resolution platform” is available at the following link http://ec.europa.eu/odr. If you have any questions regarding “dispute resolution” we are happy to help you, just email us at info@pillowscanner.de