Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

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Home Exchange

Is home exchange free?

Yes, currently it is free. This is a limited time offer and all new members will get a lifetime Home Exchange membership for free.

Can I rent and exchange with the same property?

Yes, you can rent and exchange with the same property. You need to turn on this feature.

Accommodation Renting

Can I list my property for free?

Of course, as a property owner or host, you can list and rent your property for free. We do not charge you on a monthly or yearly basis, it is free and always will be.

How many properties can I list for free?

There are no limitations! You can list an unlimited number of properties entirely for free.

What kind of properties can I list?

You can list Hotel, Hostel, B&B, Resort, Apartment, Vacation home, Villa, Finca, Camper, Boot etc. In general you can list any kind of holiday accommodations.

Rental bookings

Do I need a credit card to book a property?

As a guest when you make any rental booking, a valid credit card is required. Currently, we cannot process your booking without a credit card.

Is booking secured?

Yes, the booking of all the properties on our website is 100% secured and guaranteed. Our website is SSL encrypted and your host will welcome you in person at the accommodation.

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